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Case Studies



Alibaba is Australia’s biggest kebab franchise. To support their domination of the market, Kinnov implemented two key aspects of their proprietary Business Framework: the CRM and customer loyalty management interfaces. Manual data entry was eliminated, costs were slashed to the bone and efficiency was elevated to an all-time high.



Wagamama was a household name in trendy Asian cuisine all over the world. To continue to delight and encourage customers old and new to partake in the Wagamama experience, Kinnov developed an online take-out order system, supercharging it with our proprietary Business Framework to increase average customer spend and boost loyalty.



See how we took the BRW 2011 Fastest Growing Franchise and put its operational efficiency into overdrive. Franchise to headquarter stock order were automated, stock levels could be checked at the click of a mouse and manual invoicing became a distant memory after we applied the Kinnov touch to this franchise.


Tutti Frutti

See how we took the BRW 2011 Fastest Growing Franchise and put its operational efficiency into overdrive. Franchise to headquarter stock order were automated, stock levels could be checked at the click of a mouse and manual invoicing became a distant memory after we applied the Kinnov touch to this franchise.



Chatime is the fastest growing fresh tea franchise in Australia. Since its first store opened up in the mid 2000s, Chatime has been expanding as its fan base grew. To help unify their brand and strengthen their image in their customers' eyes, we helped to redesign their website. Click the case study for the results.

Non Profit Organisation

Collingwood Children’s Farm

Kinnov was tasked with helping the Farm improve its value proposition. We helped them fuse the power of mobile technology with the organic, irreplaceable experience of learning by designing a custom map that would track the user while they were on the farm, as well as creating an iPad quiz to consolidate the educational experience for the children


Marvin was a project that Kinnov worked on in conjunction with an industry partner. Kinnov changed the face of education and training by being directly involved in the production, development and marketing of this avatar product. With over 6 million users in 30 countries, the proof of Kinnov’s versatility speaks for itself.

Little Feat

In an effort to match the unprecedented success of their business, Little Feat tasked Kinnov with the project of overhauling many of their current online and operational processes, streamlining everything and making it manageable to someone with virtually no technical experience. Kinnov exceeded expectations, much to the delight of Little Feat management.


The Asia Pacific Thrombocytopenia Network (APTIN) had to increase its levels of international collaboration by encouraging medical specialists and researchers from the Asia Pacific region to share patient research details safely. Kinnov developed a portal that allowed easy, secure uploads, encrypting client information to protect their privacy.


Idente Art’s mission is to protect the rights of artists in Australia by safeguarding the authenticity and intellectual property of artworks and crafts created by visionaries. Kinnov not only created a state-of-the-art online repository of works for Idente Art, they also upgraded the commercial platform to allow the company to conduct business in a highly efficient manner.

PSA Products

PSA is a national leader in the protections solutions industry, helping Australian companies operating in electrical, fire and security markets shelter themselves from unnecessary harm. PSA wanted to stand out from the crowd and engaged Kinnov to complete not only a site redesign, but a complete e-commerce portal to conduct all of their business. 10-fold increases in traffic from SEO were the result and that’s just the start.

Australian Staffing Agency

The ASA were communicating a razor-sharp value proposition to their target market. They had to fortify this message by upgrading their website to allow new users to respond online. At the end of the project, the ASA belonged to an elite group of businesses whose online processes ran at 100% efficiency, thanks to the Kinnov Business Framework.


OZStaff is a market leading specialist recruitment company. In an effort to stay competitive and maintain top-of-mind awareness as a company that understands the needs of its market in a modern era, Kinnov worked together with OZStaff to turn their previous website into a business application that left all other recruitment companies behind in the dust.


MishMe is a company that has the Unique Selling Proposition of developing some of the world’s most engaging online avatars for professional and educational use. To communicate the strength of this marketing message across to prospective clients, Kinnov redesigned the website, unveiling it to critical acclaim as a website that truly represents the vitality of the brand.


Bills To Pay is a financial advisory consultation company featuring very prominently in Australia media, ranging from appearances on the news to radio. With the business leaping from strength to strength, it needed a revamp of its current website to reflect the confidence its founder instilled in his clients. The website was re-energised successfully and the business has grown even faster as a result.

Axess Glass

Axess is a national leader in specialised glass importation and wholesale. With humble beginnings in the mid-1980s, they sought to sharpen their competitive edge by hiring Kinnov. With our help, Axess site evolved from being a static, “brochure” style website into a fully-fledged, attractive e-catalogue, complete with dynamic quotation and IP recognition technology.

Design Lam

Design Lam utilised Kinnov’s innovation arm to build a tool that the industry had never seen before: an online application that allowed users to sample the colour and texture of the glass without having to physically go into a store. Sample production costs became non-existent and quotations sky-rocketed. Design Lam changed the competitive landscape forever.


KeySpace is a unique touch-typing education program with a global reach. To assist with its proliferation in the market place, Kinnov designed and implemented an online shopping cart and licensing functionality that allowed all the users in an organisation or educational institution to use the service without hiccups.

1300 Plumber

1300 Plumber is a national lead generation company for tradespeople. To assist with streamlining their operations, they needed new job portal to submit and delegate jobs to tradies. They also wanted to build an iPhone and Android app which allowed them to submit jobs straight to the phones of tradespeople for them to accept or reject.

iDirect Property

iDirectProperty is a project that was developed by InvestorsDirect. They needed a portal which would allow them to train staff, track sales and process contracts for clients who wanted to buy investment properties. This portal was custom built to suit their needs and allowed them to plug dozens of clients from sales expos into their funnel, methodically walking them through every step until they were comfortable to close.

Non Profit Organisation

Collingwood Children’s Farm

Collingwood Children's Farm runs a Farmers Market every month. Their previous method of making sure that the farmers running stalls at their market were paying was simply to collect cash and write a receipt on the spot. Kinnov build a web-accessible application that had a map of their market built in, which allowed staff to confirm attendance, collect payment and issue invoices all from an iPad.

Johns Lyng Group

Johns Lyng Group is a boutique consulting and service delivery company based in Melbourne. To broaden their product offering, they had an app developed by Kinnov for their insurance arm. Kinnov handled the entire process, from prototype creation, to app development, testing and launch.

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